Dundee Precious Metals


Dundee Precious Metals is a Canadian-based, international mining company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and mining and processing of precious metal properties.

Engagement with the EITI

Dundee Precious Metals endorses the EITI Principles and Criteria on their public website. 

Dundee Precious Metals plans to seek ways of furthering its involvement in EITI initiatives and programs.

Financial contribution to international management of the EITI*

Dundee Precious Metals contributed USD 15,000 in 2020.

* The amounts said to be contributed to EITI are figures from the companies. For the audited EITI revenue figures, please consult the EITI financial accounts for that year. 


Nikolay Hristov

Other relevant information

Beginning in 2017 disclosure of payments to government will be mandatory for Canadian listed publicly traded companies under the Extractives Sector Transparency Measures Act.

2015 Sustainability Performance Data Supplement, page 23

Stakeholder Statement: 

From Dundee Precious Metals' statement of support to the EITI

DPM became the 51st Supporter of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (‘EITI’) at the international level in March 2011. By doing so, we endorse the principles and criteria as a way to improve the transparency around payments and revenues in the extractives sector in developing countries.

Supporting the EITI is consistent with our governance principles and the manner in which we seek to develop relationships with communities and governments. 

2014 Sustainability Report, page 17