Exxon Mobil Corporation

Financial contribution to international management of the EITI

ExxonMobil contributed USD 60,000 to the EITI in 2019.


Laura Logan

Stakeholder Statement: 

ExxonMobil is committed to the highest standards of business conduct and anti-corruption wherever we operate. Our involvement with transparency initiatives is a natural extension of this commitment to ethical behaviour.  We understand and support the need for relevant public and private company government payment disclosure to confirm the values of total government revenues and to help citizens hold their governments accountable for the use of those revenues.

ExxonMobil supports multi-stakeholder engagement for the purpose of increasing transparency of government revenues from the extractive industries. Since its inception, we have been an active participant in the EITI at both the EITI secretariat and country levels. An ExxonMobil representative has served on the EITI board as either a primary or alternate member since it began.  Currently we hold an alternate seat on the International EITI board. 

We support the EITI application, validation and implementation processes in all countries where we operate. We also work with governments in a number of countries where we operate that are considering joining EITI.


Statement of Support: