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About Goldcorp

Goldcorp is one of the world’s fastest growing senior gold producers. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, we employ more than 18,000 people worldwide. Goldcorp has operations in Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America, and our strong pipeline of projects is positioned to drive long-term, sustainable growth.

Engagement with the EITI

Goldcorp provides data for all countries in which we do business, regardless of whether or not the countries implement the EITI. This information can be found in our annual Sustainability Report (

Montana Exploradora de Guatemala, S. A, a subsidiary of Goldcorp operated the Marlin mine in Guatemala, which was designated an EITI compliant country in 2014. Goldcorp continued to record payments according to the EITI standards and publicly disclose these payments through the Goldcorp Guatemala website, our Sustainability Report and in our Conflict-Free Gold Standard Report.

Goldcorp is engaging directly with EITI in Guatemala and is one of the industry representatives on the EITI National Working Group in Guatemala.

Support and/or contribution to the national EITI process

Goldcorp contributes to the Extractive Industries Guild of the Guatemalan Chamber of Commerce who in turn contributes economically to the EITI-Guatemala Commission.  Funding was provided to design and develop the communication strategy of EITI-Guatemala in order to communicate EITI´s purpose and reach in Guatemala.

Goldcorp is engaging directly with EITI in Guatemala and is the lead industry representative on the EITI National Working Group in Guatemala.

In Mexico, we have actively participated in industry contributions to the EITI process as a Board Member of the Mexican Mining Chamber.

Operating in these EITI implementing countries

Goldcorp’s assets in EITI implementing countries are the Peñasquito mine in Mexico, a 40% interest in the Pueblo Viejo mine in the Dominican Republic, and the Marlin mine in Guatemala.  The Marlin mine was closed in 2017 and is no longer operating.  Reclamation work is still in progress however the site is not considered to be in operation.  

Financial contribution to the international management of the EITI

Goldcorp is a member of ICMM. The ICMM makes a contribution to the International EITI on behalf of all its members.

All payments to governments are disclosed in Goldcorp’s annual Sustainability report and Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A).

International engagement with EITI

Goldcorp participated in the last EITI Latin America and Caribbean Meeting of Participating Countries held in Bogotá, Colombia in February 2017 as a representative to the Guatemalan extractive industry. 


Brent Bergeron - Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability

Alfredo Galvez – General Manager, Administration- Guatemala

Michael Harvey – Director Corporate Affairs and Security - Mexico

Stakeholder Statement: 

From Goldcorp's statement of support to the EITI:

Goldcorp actively supports the objectives of the EITI, ICMM, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the United Nations Global Compact, and the World Gold Council, among other initiatives that support transparency and sustainable growth.  Goldcorp’s public commitment to the responsible production of minerals and metals by implementing the ICMM Sustainable Development Framework is on the company website.   Through the Mining Association of Canada, Goldcorp also participates with the Extractives Sector Transparency Measures Act (ESTMA) Working Group to ensure greater transparency in the extractive industries in Canada and overseas.

We disclose our taxes, royalties and other payments to governments for all countries in which we do business in our Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A).  Further information on Goldcorp’s tax contributions can be found in the Sustainability Report ( ), while our memberships and commitments are listed on our website.

Furthermore, in the website under section INFORMATION ACCESS people can download the data relevant to the contribution to the Guatemalan Government as Royalties and Taxes.  Under this section access is also provided to the Country Report.