Gunvor Group

Founded in 2000, Gunvor is one of the largest global commodity trading companies in the world. The company operates in trade, transport, storage and optimisation of petroleum and other energy products. It also has investments in oil terminal and port facilities. 

Gunvor announced its support to the EITI in APril 2018 and will be releasing their disclosure policy in the coming weeks. 

Financial contribution to the International management of the EITI

USD 50,000 in 2018.


Seth Thomas Pietras, Director of Corporate Affairs 

Stakeholder Statement: 

Gunvor’s support for the EITI includes a new policy that will establish the voluntary disclosure of information that aligns with EITI Principles and transparency requirements. This includes information about its first purchases from national oil companies for crude oil and petroleum products - including gas - among other relevant tax and license information.

Gunvor expects that its disclosure will evolve over time in line with the EITI and stakeholder consultation. The information will be published in Gunvor annual Group Sustainability Report.