Kinross Gold Corporation

Participation and support to EITI implementing countries

Since the creation of the National Committee of EITI in Mauritania in 2006, Kinross Tasiast has always filled in the forms of declaration of payments to the State which are provided by the independent expert in charge of the EITI annual report in Mauritania. In Ghana Kinross (Chirano Gold Mines Ltd) also provides its declaration of payments to EITI. In the USA Kinross, has not, to its knowledge, been asked by EITI for information.

In Mauritania, Kinross Tasiast has been a member of national Committee of EITI since 2006 where by Kinross Tasiast's contributions are done exclusively through providing the information or presentations requested by the Committee as part of the various awareness activities.

International engagement with EITI

In 2017 Kinross sponsored an international workshop on 18th May at York University, Toronto, Canada on “Evaluating EITI: Building on what we know to identify knowledge gaps”.

Financial contribution to the international EITI

Kinross has made regular contributions to EITI since 2011. In 2017 the company contributed with USD 40,000.

Other relevant information

Since 2011 Kinross has published its “Benefit Footprint” data which show payments to Governments, Suppliers, Workforce, and Community donations on a country basis. In 2017 Kinross also filed similar data under the ESTMA law in Canada.

Stakeholder Statement: 

From Kinross' statement of support to the EITI

Kinross endorses the Principles and Criteria of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). Our operations in Ghana and Mauritania report into those countries' reporting systems, which have been determined by EITI to be fully compliant with the Principles and Criteria.

Statement of Support: 
Commitments and Recognition