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Noble Energy

Noble Energy is a company engaged in hydrocarbon exploration. The company has agreed to be acquired by Chevron Corporation in a transaction scheduled to close in the fourth quarter of 2020. Noble Energy is headquartered in Houston, Texas.
Supporter since 2011

Statement of support

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) supports enhanced governance in resource-rich countries through the disclosure and authentication of company payments and government revenue receipts from oil, gas and mineral development. The EITI process encourages governments, extractive companies, non-governmental organisations, international organisations and others to collaborate voluntarily to develop a process that encourages financial transparency. Noble Energy supports the EITI to develop good governance in producing countries by improving transparency of payments in the extractive industry.

Engagement with the EITI

Noble Energy operates in Cameroon. The company was invited by the government to join Cameroon’s EITI multi-stakeholder group and the country demonstrated meaningful progress in implementing the EITI Standard in June 2018.

Strengthening Transparency 

Fossil fuel development involves a continuing partnership between the resource owning entity and extractive companies. Execution of policies that require financial transparency will stabilise investment environments and develop enduring benefits for all entities. As an international investor in oil and natural gas resource development, Noble Energy collaborates with governments to execute the principles and criteria identified in the EITI process.

Read Noble Energy’s 2019 Sustainability Report to learn more about how the company is improving its social, environmental and governance performance across the world. 

Link to the statement of support on Noble Energy's website 

Statement of support to the EITI on Noble Energy's website