About Pemex

Petróleos Mexicanos (trademarked and better known as Pemex) is the Mexican state-owned petroleum company.

Engagement with the EITI

Pemex publishes relevant information about its operations.

Pemex has representation on the EITI Board from 2006-2011.

Financial contribution to the international management of the EITI

Pemex contributed US $30,000 in 2014*.

* The amounts said to be contributed to EITI are figures from the companies. For the audited EITI revenue figures, please consult the EITI financial accounts for that year.


Mtro.Tomas Ibrarra Guerra

Stakeholder Statement: 

From PEMEX's statement of support to the EITI:

Pemex commits to publish payments to the government and participate actively in the EITI.

See page 53 of the 2009 Annual Report


Statement of Support: 
Pemex 2009 Annual Report