Implementing Countries: 

Southern Copper Corporation

About Southern Copper Corporation

Southern Copper Corporation (SCC) is a mining company that was founded in 1952. The company specialises in producing copper, molybdenum, zinc, lead, coal and silver. All of Souther Copper Corporation's mining, smelting and refining facilities are located in Peru and Mexico. 

Engagement with the EITI

Local: Southern Copper Corporation is a member of the multi-stakeholder group in Peru and has participating in the EITI reporting since 2007. The same process has been launched in Mexico since Mexico's acceptance to the EITI in October 2017.

International: Carlos Aranda, Manager Technical Services, represents Southern Copper Corporation on the EITI Board. 

Financial contribution to the international management of the EITI

USD 15 000 in 2018.

Other relevant information

Southern Copper Corporation annually discloses payments to governments through its 10-K and 10-Q Forms. Below is a sample of what is presented through their website: (see pages 12, 104, 122and 123)


Carlos Aranda, Manager Technical Services 

Stakeholder Statement: 

Actively involved in the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) multi-stakeholder group (MSG) in Peru since 2005, Southern Copper Corporation (SCC), through Southern Peru Copper Corporation, has embraced the fundamental commitments of the initiative to bolster transparency in the way it carries out its business. SCC played an instrumental role in the process that resulted in Peru achieving the EITI Compliant Country status in 2012. We continue to be enthusiastically engaged in the initiative as a member of the MSG EITI-Peru and through the participation of one of our executives in EITI International Board of Directors. SCC also supports the Peruvian government in its current effort to implement transparency on the use of financial resources distributed to subnational governments. We are convinced that payments of taxes, royalties and other commitments by SCC to the national government make a positive difference in the country’s economic outcome.