Tullow Oil Plc

About Tullow Oil

Tullow Oil plc is a multinational oil and gas exploration company founded in Tullow, Ireland with its headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

Engagement with the EITI

Tullow Oil is part of the multi-stakeholder groups in Ghana and Mauritania and participates fully in the local multi-stakeholder group process. 

Tullow Oil participates in and contributes to local civil society meetings on EITI implementation and payment transparency, when requested.  Tullow also offers to share the experience of different transparency initiatives, including EITI, with government partners.

Financial contribution to the international management of the EITI

Tullow Oil contributed USD 40,000 in 2018.


Lesley Coldham, Group Manager, Public Affairs & Policy

Other relevant information


Tullow has published all payments to governments at project level since 2012.

Tullow supports disclosure of Production Sharing Agreements, but will only publish these with the express support and agreement of government partners.  Tullow's Petroleum Agreements for the Deep Water Tano Contract Area and the West Cape Three Points Contract Area can be read here.  These Agreements have been published at the request of, and with the approval of, the Government of Ghana. 

Stakeholder Statement: 

From Tullow Oil's statement of support to the EITI

"Tullow is a corporate supporter of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)... The goals of EITI are aligned with our goal of creating shared prosperity."

Statement of Support: 
EITI Support Statement