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Chatham House

Chatham House is an independent international policy research institute and forum for debate and dialogue. Chatham House has been a source of independent analysis, trusted dialogue and influential ideas since its foundation in 1920. It continues to offer solutions to global challenges and to actively seek to empower the next generation to change their world.

Engagement with the EITI 

Chatham House organises its research expertise into a set of core programmes. The Energy, Environment and Resources Programme research focuses on how environmental risks affect societies and strategies to mitigate, adapt and build resilience to these risks. Chatham House Energy, Environment and Resources Programme researchers have worked closely with the EITI Secretariat on research into how EITI could approach energy transition and climate change in its work globally. This has involved hosting and facilitating events, as well as producing papers.

In June 2020 was published: Transparency in Transition: Climate Change, Energy Transition and the EITI. This paper focuses on the strategic direction of EITI and its implementing countries. Its findings may also help inform the debate as governments and their development partners seek to support a recovery in line with a ‘well below 2°C’ world.