Validations, grievances and a farewell

EITI Berlin Board Meeting Blog: Day 2

Colombia became the first country in the Americas to meet or exceed all the requirements of the EITI Standard. The Board found Cameroon, the Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Ukraine, and São Tomé and Princípe had made meaningful progress in implementing the EITI. The Board reviewed the expectations for EITI supporting companies and discussed how grievances under the EITI should be addressed.

EITI implementation deep dive and stakeholder engagement

EITI Berlin Board Meeting Blog: Day 1

The EITI continues to pioneer new aspects of transparency across the world. EITI Board members and around 150 stakeholders gathered today in Berlin for the 40th EITI Board meeting to discuss progress made by the EITI implementing countries, civic space to advocate on extractives governance, contract transparency and conflict minerals. The Board took a deeper look at major oil, gas and mining countries: Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Address by EITI Chair Fredrik Reinfeldt on contract transparency

The below is based on a speech given by Fredrik Reinfeldt, Chair of the EITI, at the EITI Board meeting side event on contract transparency in Berlin June 2018. 

In 2013, the EITI Standard started to encourage contracts to be disclosed. Contracts, it is worth reminding ourselves, are legal documents that governments enter into on behalf of their people. Experience has shown that in many cases, in particular in countries with weak institutions and governance,

The Netherlands joins the EITI

The EITI Board today approved the Netherlands’ application to join the EITI.

The Netherlands has been closely involved with the EITI since its inception, and has now made the transition to being both a ‘supporting’ and ‘implementing’ country.

The Netherlands’ admission to the EITI is timely, as it faces changing circumstances in its gas sector. The Groningen gas field in the north-east was discovered in 1959, and is one of the largest gas fields in the world.

What’s the deal? Evolving practices in contract transparency

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Read the address given by EITI Chair Fredrik Reinfeldt on contract transparency

15:15-17:00 hrs

The Contract transparency landscape within EITI is changing fast. More than half of EITI member countries have disclosed extractive industry contracts and 16 EITI supporting companies have now made statements supporting publication in some form. In the last year alone,

Celebrating multi-stakeholder governance

Sharing practice on environmental and social reporting.

On 27 June 2018, the day before the 40th EITI Board meeting, friends, supporters and Board members of the EITI International met in Berlin to participate in a series of side meetings.

First, German civil society invited colleagues from other countries to share experiences around the social and environmental impact of the EITI process. Participants included representatives from civil society in México, Nigeria, Philippines,

Solomon Islands awaits a more appropriate time to implement EITI

The country currently has limited activity in mining at this time and has decided to withdraw

The Solomon Islands withdrew from the EITI due to limited activities in the country’s extractive sector. In a letter addressed to the EITI Board, Solomon Islands’s Deputy Prime Minister for Finance and Treasury, Manasseh Sogavare, said that while the Solomon Islands government remains committed to implementing the Principles of EITI,