EITI Bogota Board meeting: Day 1

Reaffirmation of EITI project level reporting: The greater the detail – the stronger the impact

EITI Board members and around 70 stakeholders gathered on 8 March in Bogotá, Colombia for the 36th EITI Board meeting to discuss progress in implementing the EITI in 51 member countries.

Figures to benefits: what we have achieved in a year

The 2017 EITI Progress Report presented at the meeting highlights the most impressive case-studies among the member countries and captures impact

EITI and project by project reporting

The Board looks at opportunities and challenges following US repeal of implementing regulations giving effect to Dodd-Frank 1504

President Donald Trump’s repeal of the implementing regulations for Section 1504 of the Dodd Frank Act has been given a lot of attention in recent weeks. Understandably so. For those of us that work to advance transparency in payments from the oil, gas and mining industry to governments, the actions in Washington are a step backwards,