2011 EITI Rules available for download

On 16 February 2011, the international EITI Board agreed the 2011 edition of the EITI Rules. The EITI Rules brings together the all requirements for implementing the EITI.

The 2011 EITI Rules were reissued on 1 Novemeber 2011 with a new Foreword by EITI Chair Clare Short, as well as a number of typographical updates. Please note that this version does not change the content of the rules from previous versions of the 2011 EITI Rules.

Civil society members in Niger return to the EITI process

On 28 September 2009, the members of civil society have decided to return to work with the EITI national committee in Niger. This decision follows the provisional release of Marou Amadou and Wada Maman, two civil society members in Niger. The civil society representatives on the committee in Niger had suspended their participation in the EITI process on 16 August 2009 after incidents of harassment and intimidation had occured against civil society activists campaigning for good governance and tran

Tricky but crucial – Assessing civic space in extractives

It is no secret that civic space is shrinking worldwide, including in some of the EITI’s 52 member states. Guaranteeing civil society’s free and active engagement in extractives governance is a fundamental part of the EITI process. Civil society is one of the three constituencies that sit on the EITI Board and national multi-stakeholder groups. They play a crucial role in scrutinising data, pushing for reform and holding governments and companies to account.

Stalled EITI process in Niger

The civil society representatives of the multi-stakeholder group in Niger suspended on 16 August their participation in the EITI process until further notice.

The representatives cited increasingly serious incidents of harassment and intimidation against civil society activists campaigning for good governance and transparency in Niger, including the arbitrary arrest and detention of Rotab/PWYP Niger Member Marou Amadou. In making the announcement,

EITI Chairman expresses concern about arrests of Civil Society representatives in Gabon

The Gabonese authorities arrested six civil society activists and journalists on 31 December 2008. Among the four still in detention are Marc Ona Essangui, member of the EITI Interest Group and PWYP Coordinator in Gabon, Georges Mpaga, also from PWYP, and Gregory Ngoua Mintsa of the non-governmental organisation ROLBG, who is civil plaintiff in a complaint filed in Paris on 2 December 2008, calling for an investigation into assets acquired in France by the Heads of State of Gabon,