EITI Chairman expresses concern about arrests of Civil Society representatives in Gabon

The Gabonese authorities arrested six civil society activists and journalists on 31 December 2008. Among the four still in detention are Marc Ona Essangui, member of the EITI Interest Group and PWYP Coordinator in Gabon, Georges Mpaga, also from PWYP, and Gregory Ngoua Mintsa of the non-governmental organisation ROLBG, who is civil plaintiff in a complaint filed in Paris on 2 December 2008, calling for an investigation into assets acquired in France by the Heads of State of Gabon,

Norway has applied for EITI Candidate status

[img_assist|nid=549|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=150|height=109] Norway submitted its application to become an EITI Candidate country on 18 December 2008. Subject to EITI Board, Norway will become the first OECD country to become an EITI implementing country. Terje Riis-Johansen, Norwegian Minister of Oil and Energy said "By now moving from supporting the EITI to also implementing it,

Oxus Gold becomes an EITI Supporting Company

The gold mining company Oxus Gold is the 39th extractive company to become an international-level EITI Supporting Company.

The primary operations of Oxus Gold are inside Uzbekistan, where it has a 50% stake in the Amantaytau Goldfields JV (AGF) which is located in the Kyzylkum region of Uzbekistan. Total AGF ‘Proven and Probable’ reserves were 2,839,000 ozs of gold and 6,739,000 ozs of silver (of which half are attributable to Oxus), under JORC classification.

EITI Newsletter 2008-03

Welcome to a new edition of the EITI Newsletter. The main story is the passing of a UN Resolution endorsing the EITI. In addition, it provides a briefing on the EITI International Conference, and updates from the West Africa Conference and from Azerbaijan.

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Ghana publishes its third EITI report

Ghana has published its third EITI report presenting the aggregation and reconciliation of mining benefits paid by mining companies and received by the Government of Ghana in 2005. Earlier aggregated reports included those for January 2004-June 2004 and July 2004-December 2004. Ghana is hoping to complete validation in 2009.

EITI Newsletter August 2008

Welcome to a new edition of the EITI Newsletter. The main story is the 4th EITI International Conference will be held in Doha 16-18 February 2009. In addition, it provides a briefing on EITI Validation, an article focusing on the question ”Does EITI Work?”, and updates from EITI implementing countries Azerbaijan and Equatorial Guinea.

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