UK launches EITI process

The UK Government yesterday, 9 July 2013, launched their EITI process.  Over 100 representatives of businesses and NGOs working in the mining, oil and gas industry in the UK met with government officials.

The EITI, which was set up to increase transparency, aims to improve the way revenues from oil, gas and minerals are managed to ensure that people across the world share in the economic benefits of the natural resources in their country.

Highlights from the Doha conference: Day 3

The 4th EITI Global Conference ended on a high note with a large number of new endorsements and commitments. During the final session of the EITI conference all stakeholders were invited to address the assembly. A number of EITI candidate countries re-affirmed their commitment to implementing the EITI. H.E. Samir Sharifov, Minister of Finance Azerbaijan,the first EITI Compliant country, stated that "we are ready to share our experiences and expertise with other countries."