Season's Greetings from the EITI

Dear friends of the EITI,

As the year draws to an end, I find myself recalling my thoughts of 2009. In July 2009, I wrote that “much of the praise [of EITI] has been premature. The EITI is still young. As countries approach validation… we are for the first time getting a clear picture of how the relationship between transparency, multi-stakeholderism and development works”. In my new year message of 2009, I promised an explosion of validation activity in 2010.

EITI Newsletter October 2010: Transparency Counts

As many of you will know, the biennial EITI Global Conference is the highest level of governance in the EITI. We have previously had four conferences:

London in 2003 at which the EITI Principles were agreed;London in 2005 at which the EITI Criteria were adopted;Oslo in 2006 at which the EITI validation indicators, the EITI Board, and the International Secretariat were established; andDoha in 2009 at which the EITI was established as a members-based association,

Newsletter: Happy New Year!

2009 has been a year of rapid implementation in many EITI countries:

The number of countries implementing the EITI has grown rapidly of which two – Azerbaijan and Liberia – are now EITI Compliant.Several countries, such as Norway, began their implementation and other countries declared their intention to implement the EITI including Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Iraq and Ukraine.43 of the world’s largest oil, gas and mining companies support the EITI.

EITI Newsletter November 2009

Dear friends and partners of the EITI,

The last two months have seen many countries make significant progress towards implementing the EITI standard. In this edition of the EITI Newsletter we take a special look at Liberia that now has become the second EITI Compliant country.

I witnessed firsthand the tremendous strides that the Liberia EITI has made when I visited the country recently. In February,

EITI Newsletter 2009-03

Dear friends and partners of the EITI,

In this edition we highlight some of the recent developments in the EITI universe, among others Nigeria's launch of its second EITI Report and the enactment of new EITI Laws in Liberia and Norway

As six new countries have been accepted as EITI Candidates so far in 2009, transparency of revenue flows from natural resources is gradually becoming part of mainstream business practices.

EITI Newsletter July 2010: Unprecedented activity in EITI countries

As we approach half-way through 2010, it is proving to be as momentous for the EITI as expected. Although most of the 22 first EITI countries did not complete the validation of their EITI processes by their deadlines, eyes are now turned towards those granted short extensions to complete by September.

Countries’ efforts to meet the deadlines have led to an unprecedented level of activity to improve transparency in the extractives sector. In the past 12 months,

EITI Newsletter 2009-02

This newsletter contains news about new countries joining the EITI, updates from implementing countries and a report from the EITI Global Conference in Doha. It is available in English, French and Russian

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