International Secretariat encourages the UK to implement the EITI

Following the UK Government’s invitation for consultation on its open data initiative, the EITI International Secretariat has submitted a short paper urging the UK Government to follow the example of Norway, the United States and 33 other countries, by committing to implement the EITI standard.

For more information please contact Deputy Head Eddie Rich at the EITI International Secretariat.

G8 calls for countries and companies to adhere to the EITI

When the G8 leaders met in L’Aquila in Italy 8 July, they confirmed their support of the EITI, and promised to intensify G8 countries’ efforts to promote Validation by all EITI implementing countries. The G8 has expressed its support of the EITI at its summits since the G8 Summit in Evian in 2003. This year, the G8 leaders call for other developing and emerging countries and companies to adhere to the EITI.