EITI media roundup, July 2010

The EITI Secretariat monitors on a daily basis global media for mentions of the EITI. Below are some of the articles from the past month that the EITI Secretariat has picked up.

Op-ed by Paul Collier in the New York Times: In Afghanistan, a Threat of Plunderhttp://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/20/opinion/20collier.html"the country’s first extraction deal, for copper, was won by the Chinese in murky circumstances — the minister of mines was accused of taking a $30 million bribe.

The EITI and the ESTT Act

As earlier reported US Senators have introduced a bill titled The Energy Security Through Transparency (ESTT) Act. The EITI International Secretariat has issued the following statement about the bill:

US Senator Richard Lugar and several other senators have recently introduced the Energy Security Through Transparency Act of 2009. Stakeholders have expressed an interest in the EITI's perspective on the proposed bill. The EITI is a multi-stakeholder initiative comprising of governments,

US Senators Introduce Energy Payment Transparency Bill

US Senators introduced on 23 September the The Energy Security Through Transparency (ESTT) Act. In a press release the bi-partisan group of five US Senators, Dick Lugar (R-IN), Ben Cardin (D-MD), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Roger Wicker (R-MS), and Russ Feingold (D-WI) state that they introduced legislation in order "to reverse the “resource curse” by requiring companies to reveal payments made to U.S. and foreign governments for oil, gas and minerals.

The US withdraws whilst others persist

Last week, the United States decided to withdraw from implementing the EITI. The letter announcing the decision stated that “While the U.S government remains committed to fighting corruption in the extractives industry sector, and the ideals of the transparency enshrined in the EITI Principles and the EITI Standard, it is clear that domestic implementation does not fully account for the U.S legal framework”.

The solution for Africa starts with transparency, says US Secretary of State

In a speech on 5 August in Nairobi, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lauded African countries for participating in the EITI. Addressing Africa’s challenges, Clinton said:

“The solution starts with transparency. A famous judge in my country once said that sunlight is the best disinfectant, and there's a lot of sunlight in Africa. African countries are starting to embrace this view through participation in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.

G8 calls for countries and companies to adhere to the EITI

When the G8 leaders met in L’Aquila in Italy 8 July, they confirmed their support of the EITI, and promised to intensify G8 countries’ efforts to promote Validation by all EITI implementing countries. The G8 has expressed its support of the EITI at its summits since the G8 Summit in Evian in 2003. This year, the G8 leaders call for other developing and emerging countries and companies to adhere to the EITI.

US lawmakers praise EITI success

US lawmakers continue to demonstrate their support for the EITI. On 13 June the New York Times published a letter from Senator Richard Lugar (R-Indiana) in response to an earlier article entitled, Battle to Halt Graft Scourge in Africa Ebbs. In his letter Senator Lugar highlights the EITI as one of the few promising developments in the fight against corruption in Africa, writing “While it is indeed discouraging that the fight against corruption is faltering in much of Africa,

Peter Eigen speaks about the EITD Act

Speaking about the the proposed legislation in US Congress that aims to improve the transparency about revenues from resources, Chairman of the EITI, Dr Peter Eigen went on record saying the following:

The EITI is following the discussion regarding this proposed legislation with interest. We welcome efforts to improve resource revenue transparency that are consistent with the goals of the EITI. The EITI is a country led and owned initiative. However, at the international level,