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Ivanka Mamic
Board member alternate

Ivanka Mamic

Senior Vice-President, Sustainability, BP

Ivanka Mamic, BP's Senior Vice President Sustainability, is responsible for leading the development and execution of the BP group sustainability strategy and overseeing its execution across the company.  She leads the development of BP group’s broad-based sustainability strategy and is responsible for working in close partnership with the business units in overseeing its execution across the company. Together with her team, Ivanka is responsible for integrating sustainability throughout BP, ensuring that BP’s sustainability effort enhances business performance and supports the long-term interests of the company.

Prior to joining BP, Ivanka was Vice President responsible sourcing and sustainability for Target Corporation, where she was responsible for establishing and driving Target’s strategy across the manufacturing supply chain. Before that, between 2001 and 2015, Ivanka was with the International Labor Organization, leading work on corporate responsibility and green jobs.

She was educated at the University of Queensland, Australia, gaining a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Economics in 1995. Ivanka also holds a Master of Philosophy as well as a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge, England.