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SQM is a Chilean-based company that specialises in the production of specialty plant nutrients, lithium, iodine and industrial chemicals. SQM is committed to sustainability and responsible resource management, and promotes economic and social development in the communities where it operates. With a focus on innovation and best practices, SQM is a leading producer of these essential materials for use in various sustainable industries, including agriculture, electromobility and renewable energy. 

SQM's vision is to create sustainable solutions for human progress through the responsible development of natural resources. By supporting the EITI and adhering to its standard, we demonstrate our commitment to transparency, accountability, and ethical business practices, which are essential to achieving our vision and building trust with our stakeholders.

Statement of support

Strengthening transparency

SQM is committed to promoting transparency and accountability in its operations, including in tax matters. The company's tax policy, which is available on its website, outlines its commitment to responsible tax practices and provides guidance on tax compliance and reporting. SQM's tax payments and policies are publicly disclosed in its annual report, which demonstrates its commitment to responsible tax practices and transparency. SQM's tax policy is aligned with its Code of Conduct, which emphasises ethical and responsible business practices, and the company's commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management.