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The EITI Board agreed transitional arrangements to the 2023 EITI Standard

Board decision on transitional arrangements to the 2023 EITI Standard

Decision reference
2023-21 / BM-55(2)

Board decision

The EITI Board agreed that the 2023 EITI Standard will come into force when it is formally adopted, i.e., on 12 June 2023. However, Validation under the 2023 Standard will commence in January 2025. Implementing countries are encouraged to adopt the new EITI Standard by

  • (i) updating their EITI work plans in line with Requirement 1.5 to address the underlining objectives of the requirements and take into account national priorities, and
  • (ii) accelerate systematic disclosure and adopt cost effective quality assurance mechanisms for EITI data.

Countries undertaking their first Validations under the 2021 Validation model will continue being Validated under the 2019 EITI Standard until 31 December 2024. All second Validations under the 2021 Validation model will be deferred until after 1 January 2025, unless the Board or the multi-stakeholder group requests an early Validation.

The Board may call for a targeted assessment in accordance with Requirement 8 of Section 4 of the EITI Standard in cases where it is manifestly clear that significant aspects of the EITI principles and/or requirements are not adhered to, or in cases of substantial delays in the implementation of timebound corrective actions. 

The EITI Board agreed to undertake a targeted assessment of Requirements 1.3, 2.2., 2.3, and 2.4 in Mali on 1 October 2023 and a targeted assessment of Requirement 1.3 in the Philippines on 1 January 2024. The EITI Board tasked the Validation Committee with monitoring progress with implementation in a selection of countries with a view to conducting a targeted assessment of corrective actions in each of these countries if necessary, in 2024. 

The Validation schedule can be accessed here:

Mali Philippines