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The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

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Contract transparency is an integral part of open and accountable extractive sector management. It is increasingly becoming a global norm, and all EITI implementing countries are required to publish oil, gas and mining contracts granted and amended from 1 January 2021.  

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Relevant and accessible data

Open data and transparent and accountable government are essential as countries rebuild in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Extractive transparency helps to promote public debate, address corruption risks and improve understanding of the role the extractive sector can play in development.  

During this period, the EITI’s priority is to support countries implementing the EITI Standard. This is why we created the Open Data Resource Centre, which includes guidance on EITI flexible reporting, Validation and useful tools to support EITI implementing countries. 

Our purpose

We believe that a country’s natural resources belong to its citizens.

Our mission is to promote understanding of natural resource management, strengthen public and corporate governance and provide the data to inform greater transparency and accountability in the extractives sector.

By becoming a member of the EITI, countries commit to disclose information along the extractive industry value chain – from how extraction rights are awarded, to how revenues make their way through the government and how they benefit the public. Through participation in the EITI, 55 countries have agreed to a common set of rules governing what has to be disclosed and when – the EITI Standard.

In each country that has joined the EITI, a multi-stakeholder group, composed of government, companies and civil society supports implementation of the EITI Standard.   

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The EITI Standard requires countries and companies to disclose information on the key steps in the governance of oil, gas and mining revenues: