The global standard for the good governance of oil, gas and mineral resources.

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

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Improving transparency and governance along the value chain

Guided by the belief that a country’s natural resources belong to its citizens, the EITI established a global standard to promote the open and accountable management of oil, gas and mineral resources. The EITI Standard requires the disclosure of information along the extractive industry value chain, from how extraction rights are awarded, to how revenues make their way through the government and how they benefit the public.

By doing so, the EITI seeks to strengthen public and corporate governance, promote understanding of natural resource management and provide the data to inform reforms for greater transparency and accountability in the extractives sector. In each of the 52 implementing countries, the EITI is supported by a coalition of government, companies and civil society.

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The EITI Standard requires countries and companies to disclose information on the key steps in the governance of oil, gas and mining revenues: