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EITI Board 2023-2026

EITI Board

Working together to advance transparency and accountability

The EITI Board is the EITI's main decision-making body. It decides on priorities for the organisation and evaluates countries' progress in meeting the EITI Standard.

The EITI Board is a multi-stakeholder group consisting of 20 representatives from implementing countries, supporting countries, civil society organisations, industry and institutional investors. Each Board member, except the Board Chair, is invited to have an alternate, to observe Board meetings and deputise for the member.

The EITI Board's decision-making is consensus-based. It takes decisions during Board meetings, which are held two to four times a year, and via Board circulars.


Implementing countries representatives

Supporting countries representatives

Civil society organisations representatives

Companies and investors representatives

Observer policy

In accordance with the observer policy for EITI committees, stakeholders may observe committee meetings.

Committees may decide that non-EITI Board members may observe committee meetings and teleconferences, provided that an observer is accepted by all members of the concerned committee and that the committee finds the numbers of observers reasonable. Non-Board members who wish to observe a committee meeting or teleconference should notify the committee chair and the International Secretariat in advance of the Committee meeting and seek the committee’s consent.