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Open data

Open data

Open data lies at the core of the EITI’s mission to promote the open and accountable management of natural resources.

By making data easily accessible, comprehensible and usable, EITI disclosures can strengthen public debate, inform decision-making and promote public understanding of natural resource management. These objectives are underpinned by the EITI’s open data policy and data strategy.

EITI in numbers

countries implement the EITI Standard
fiscal years are covered by EITI reporting
trillion USD of government revenues disclosed in open format
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Download country data

Download open data from EITI implementing countries, including information on government and company revenues, revenues by revenue stream and indicator, summary data and more.

Summary data

The EITI collects and publishes information from implementing countries through summary data, a standardised and open format which covers financial data, reporting entities, government revenues and project-level data.

Summary data is accessible through various formats:

Summary data files integrate several data standards, such as HS codes for commodities and ISO system for currencies. They also classify revenue streams according to the IMF’s Government Finance Statistics (GFS) framework, which enables comparison of fiscal data across countries and years.

State-owned enterprises database

The EITI’s database of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) is a comprehensive resource, covering all SOEs’ transactions reported through the EITI since 2017.

EITI SOE database

Community of practice

In November 2023, the EITI International Secretariat launched the EITI Data Use Community of Practice, a network of more than 30 data practitioners from EITI implementing countries. The initiative aims to provide a platform to share experiences, innovations and good practices in using EITI disclosures for research and analysis, with the goal of informing public debate and policymaking on natural resource governance.

To learn more about the community practice, contact the EITI’s data team at

EITI Requirements and guidance

The EITI Standard requires implementing countries to adopt national open data policies and to publish data that is freely accessible, timely, comprehensive, reliable, comprehensible and contributes to public debate. This is covered by EITI Requirements 4.8, 4.9, 7.1 and 7.2.

Related guidance: 

Explore EITI implementing countries

Data on extractive sector production, government revenues and top paying companies can be viewed and downloaded on our country pages.


For questions, contact the EITI’s data team at