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The funding of the International Management of the EITI reflects its multi-stakeholder support, with contributions made by implementing countries, supporting countries and institutions and supporting companies. Funding also includes project support for policy innovation and taking initiatives to scale.

The EITI also receives a considerable amount of investment in-kind from civil society, companies and government representatives in the form of time and feedback. None of this activity is reflected in the budgets, but this highly valued work makes a significant contribution to the level of impact of the EITI.

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The EITI is a multi-stakeholder coalition of governments, companies, investors, civil society organisations and partner organisations.

Funding of EITI implementation in countries

Implementation is funded by the implementing countries themselves. The way it is funded differs from country to country. In many cases, financial support is provided by international development agencies.

For example, the World Bank administers donor support through its Extractives Global Programmatic Support (EGPS) programme, a multi-donor facility that provides technical and financial assistance to some countries that are implementing reforms in the sector, including implementing EITI. EGPS support includes: making consultants available to governments to assist them in implementation; sharing international best practices and providing grants to governments to help support EITI implementation.

Implementation costs vary widely, from around USD 100k per annum in several countries, to several million dollars in countries with more ambitious work plans. Work plans often include items that are not fully funded. That said, work plans often exclude significant costs such as salaries for government staff working on EITI implementation (e.g. in national EITI secretariats) or the time and costs of government, industry and civil society stakeholders in supporting EITI implementation. More information on how countries fund their implementation can be found on the EITI national websites.