EITI Reporting and Validation during Covid-19

Flexible measures for EITI implementing countries

Flexible reporting

The EITI has proposed measures on flexibility in EITI reporting which aim to ensure that implementation is safely contributing to global and national efforts to respond to the pandemic, while upholding the commitment to transparency, accountability and multi-stakeholder dialogue in the countries implementing the EITI Standard.

These measures allow implementing countries to retain the momentum of the EITI process while adapting to local circumstances and urgent information needs.

The updated requirements outlined in the document below are for EITI Reports planned for publication in 2020. They will be reviewed when the EITI Board meets in October 2020, taking into account wider developments in the health and economic context in EITI implementing countries.

Flexible reporting requirements

Flexible reporting, documentation and disclosure requirements in response to Covid-19.

Terms of Reference

Model Terms of Reference for flexible reporting have been developed and are available as a resource for implementing countries.

The Terms of Reference set out the work to be undertaken by MSGs and national secretariats. If the flexible reporting option is pursued, MSGs should agree on the terms of reference for the EITI reporting process, drawing on the objectives and agreed scope of the EITI as set out in the MSG’s workplan.

Terms of Reference template

The template is for MSGs and national secretariats that are pursuing flexible EITI reporting.

It covers the background, objectives and expectations of reporting, scope of reporting, tasks and expected deliverables, and a time schedule for reporting.



"These measures have been designed to allow implementing countries to retain the momentum of the EITI process whilst adapting to local circumstances and urgent information needs. We encourage MSGs to use the flexibility to communicate timely data that is relevant to the situation in their country. "
Mark Robinson, EITI Executive Director

Revised Validation schedule

Countries with Validations scheduled to begin before August 2020 may opt to postpone Validation, subject to an extension request citing Covid-19 as the reason for delay. There is still uncertainty about how the Covid-19 pandemic will develop during the latter part of the year, but countries with Validations scheduled to begin from September 2020 may request an extension under Section 4 Article 7 of the 2019 EITI Standard in the usual way.

Revised Validation schedule

This document explains the process for ongoing and future Validations, as well as information on convening multistakeholder groups.


Implementing countries or partner organisations are welcome to contact the International Secretariat, either through their usual contact person or by emailing secretariat@eiti.org.

Country contact points are listed on the EITI’s country pages. For other queries, see our list of contacts.