Our funding is transparent (view excel, sheet 2; more information on funding) and has been awarded the top five-star rating by transparify.

The EITI is a multi-stakeholder coalition of governments, companies, investors, civil society organisations, and partner organisations. A multi-stakeholder group oversees the EITI process in implementing countries and internationally through the EITI Board.

Financial contributions of supporters

Companies, implementing countries and some supporting countries support the EITI financially: 

  • To be considered a supporting company, a company has to make a minimum contribution.  The oil and gas sub-constituency is required to contribute depending on market capitalisation USD 20,000 (MC<USD 5bn), USD 40,000 (MC: USD 5bn-USD 10bn) and USD 60,000 (MC>USD 10bn), and the recommendation for the mining companies is the same. Mining companies must contribute at least USD 15,000.  All companies are encouraged to make greater contributions.
  • Implementing countries fund their processes in-country. They are also required to make a financial contribution of USD 10,000 to the International Management of the EITI to help cover some of the support that they get from the international body. 
  • Supporting countries contribute finacially, technically and politically. For a list of financial contributions in 2016, please see here.