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Board committees

Supporting EITI Board decision-making

The EITI Board committees prepare the working documents for the EITI Board and provide recommendations on upcoming decisions related to implementation, Validation, policy and management. The EITI Board seeks to ensure that committees reflect the multi-stakeholder nature of the EITI Association.

Committees hold meetings via Zoom or get together in person around Board meetings. Committees are re-established every two to three years, after the election of a new EITI Board.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee advises the EITI Board on strategic issues relating to the financing of the International Management of the EITI. This includes advising on the securing of funding to the level agreed by the EITI Board when approving International Secretariat work plans and budgets, financial reporting and investment policy. It is also tasked with reviewing the EITI's expenditure, including ensuring the International Secretariat makes effective and appropriate use of its funding.

Governance and Oversight Committee

The Governance and Oversight Committee (GOC) addresses issues relating to the governance of the EITI, including decision-making procedures, accountability lines, governance of the International Management of the EITI, the Chair nomination process, risk management and constituency guidelines, among others. The GOC also includes presentation of the audited accounts of the International Secretariat to the EITI Board with a recommendation for approval.

Implementation Committee

The Implementation Committee (IC) provides oversight by the EITI Board on how the EITI Standard is being implemented and presents recommendations on strategic policy issues related to the EITI Standard. It monitors challenges and opportunities in implementing countries, including overseeing work to document the impact of EITI implementation, highlighting good practice and encouraging efforts to strengthen implementation.

Outreach and Candidature Committee

The Outreach and Candidature Committee (OCC) guides and monitors outreach to prospective implementing countries and supporters in accordance with the outreach strategy approved by the EITI Board. It also serves as a focal point for the outreach of EITI stakeholders to new countries and companies, ensuring that the Board is fully informed on outreach activities and providing direction to these activities where necessary.

Rapid Response Committee

The Rapid Response Committee monitors events that could put EITI stakeholders, processes, or the EITI brand in EITI implementing countries at risk, and  make recommendations to the EITI Board for possible responses.

Validation Committee

The Validation Committee (VC) plays a key role in safeguarding the quality and consistency of assessments of countries’ progress in meeting the EITI Standard. The Validation Committee reviews Validation reports and makes recommendations to the EITI Board on Validation decisions and procedures. It places a priority on the need for comparable treatment between countries and the need to protect the integrity of the EITI brand.

Observer policy

In accordance with the observer policy for EITI committees, stakeholders may observe committee meetings.

Committees may decide that non-EITI Board members may observe committee meetings and teleconferences, provided that an observer is accepted by all members of the concerned committee and that the committee finds the numbers of observers reasonable. Non-Board members who wish to observe a committee meeting or teleconference should notify the committee chair and the International Secretariat in advance of the Committee meeting and seek the committee’s consent.