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The Board decided to close the Validation of Niger under the 2019 Standard

Board's decision on the Validation of Niger.

Decision reference
2024-29 / BC-348
Decision basis
EITI Articles of Association 2023, Article 12.1.i

Board decision

The EITI Board has decided to close the Validation of Niger under the 2019 EITI Standard due to superseding events. Niger was re-admitted to the EITI in February 2020 and the Validation of Niger commenced in April 2023. The Validation team conducted stakeholders’ consultation and produced an initial assessment which was shared with the multi-stakeholder group on 26 June 2023 for comments as per the Validation procedure. A military coup occurred on 26 July, the multi-stakeholder group was disbanded and therefore comments were not submitted to the Secretariat. On 29 February 2024 the EITI Board decided to keep Niger under enhanced scrutiny until March 2025. The Secretariat’s initial assessment, which was based on stakeholders’ engagement under the previous regime, are substantially out of date. In line with the Board approved policy on engaging with EITI countries experiencing political instability or conflict, the Implementation Committee will make a recommendation on the country’s status and deadline for the next Validation or call for a targeted assessment under the 2023 EITI Standard.