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Myanmar reaffirms intention to implement the EITI

Myanmar’s intention to implement EITI was reaffirmed by Minister of Industry U Soe Thein during a roundtable meeting in Naypyidaw 16 July. Minister Thein confirmed that this commitment to transparency is part of his government’s wider reform efforts.

At the meeting, attended by eight other ministers, including the Minister of Energy Than Htay, Minister of Mines Thein Htaik and Minister of Finance Hla Tun, they discussed the process of preparing for candidature. This includes forming a multi-stakeholder group with representatives from civil society and the operating extractive companies in Myanmar.

Jonas Moberg, Head of the EITI International Secretariat, welcomed the government’s commitment and confirmed that the EITI and its partners would support the government in its efforts.

While in Naypyidaw, Jonas also met with Aung San Suu Kyi. She had earlier urged the government to implement the EITI.

She welcomed the commitment while emphasising the continuous need for radical and extensive reforms. Jonas said that the requirements EITI implementing countries have to follow are structured to hold governments to account for delivering on their transparency commitments.