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2019 EITI Global Conference

Paris, France 18-19 June 2023

Open data, build trust

Hosted by the Government of France on 18-19 June 2019 in Paris, the 8th EITI Global Conference gathered more than 1000 stakeholders from around the globe to take stock of progress and priorities in extractives transparency.

Centered around the theme "Open Data, Build Trust", the EITI Global Conference addressed how extractives governance can be harnessed for inclusive development. The programme featured a wide variety of sessions and speakers to reflect the diverse, multi-stakeholder interests in the sector, with a particular focus around mainstreaming extractives data into government and company systems so as to facilitate openness, improve decision-making and enhance trust.

Stakeholders Forum

Stakeholders Forum

High-level speakers from EITI implementing countries, supporting countries, extractive sector companies, civil society organisations and partner organisations were invited to make short statements describing their commitment to the EITI and to resource governance.

Stakeholder commitments
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Photo of speaker and panel during Paris conference 2019

Country contributions

Media and highlights

Conference multimedia

Conference media includes a comprehensive collection of photos and videos that capture the event in action.

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People watching a screen at the Paris conference 2019

Conference newsletters

The EITI Global Conference newsletter series recaputilates conference highlights, videos, blogs, news and social media posts.

Conference highlights
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June 18
June 19
Photo of a panel at the Paris conference 2019



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