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2017 EITI Work plan and budget are approved

Decision reference
2016-34 / BC-221
Decision basis
EITI Articles of Association 2016-2019, Article 12

The updated 2017 Work plan with the minimum case budget of USD 5.5m is now approved as no further comments were received by the 25 November deadline.

The proposed minimum case budget at USD 5.5m remains unchanged since the proposal made ahead of the meeting in Astana. Included in the minimum budget there are project specific funded Validation activities of USD 0.2m which is committed by the World Bank EGPS.

Further to our discussion in Astana, the work plan has been updated to elaborate further on contingency plans in case of a funding shortfall. The three new staff members envisaged under the minimum case scenario would be recruited gradually throughout the year as the funding situation becomes clearer. Updates to funding will continue to be provided regularly to the Finance Committee and the Board.