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Fredrik Reinfeldt to chair EITI

Fredrik Reinfeldt to chair EITI

Fredrik Reinfeldt, the former Swedish Prime Minister 2006-2014 said:

I am thrilled to be nominated as the next Chair of the EITI. Questions about openness, transparency and accountability have always been close to my heart. It is important that the world's major natural resources are used in an equitable manner for the benefit of all citizens, and I look forward to working with the EITI in parallel with other commitments and lectures.

Clare Short, current Chair of the EITI, said:

I am delighted to be succeeded by Fredrik Reinfeldt as chair of EITI. As the prime minister of Sweden for eight years, I cannot think of a more suitable candidate for the post of chair of this international multi-stakeholder body.

The EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative) is a coalition of stakeholders from government, civil society, oil, gas and mining companies and investors, working together to promote open and accountable management of natural resources. Over the past decade, they have developed the EITI Standard, which is now implemented by 49 countries around the world. 

In the 49 EITI member countries, the government has started to disclose detailed information about the government manages and uses its natural resources. Improved transparency through implementation of the EITI Standard strengthens government and company systems, informs public debate, and enhances trust. The EITI in each of the 49 countries is supported by a coalition of governments, companies and civil society.

At the meeting of international EITI Board meeting in Kiev on 10 December, the Board nominated Fredrik Reinfeldt as its next Chair. The former Swedish Prime Minister would be elected as EITI Chair at the EITI Members’ Meeting on 23 February 2016 in Lima, Peru.

Media enquiries can be directed to Jonas Moberg ( or +47 95 81 77 62). 


      The EITI is a coalition of governments, companies, civil society groups, investors and international organisations. Learn more at

      EITI is chaired by the Rt. Hon. Clare Short. Ms Short was the UK Secretary of State for International Development (1997-2003).

      49 countries are now implementing the EITI standard, and recognised as either EITI compliant or EITI candidate. See the list of countries at

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