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Collecting and publishing structured extractive sector data

Applicable EITI Standard
Related EITI Requirements

The Board-approved summary data template is the EITI’s tool for collecting and publishing structured extractive sector data (an Excel file). The revised template draws on experience gained since the introduction of the summary data template in 2015 and on stakeholder consultations conducted in late 2018 and early 2019. The template came into force on the 1st of July, meaning that data published after this date uses the 2019 template.

EITI Requirement 7.2.c in the EITI Standard 2019 states that multi-stakeholder groups are required to: “Complete summary data files for each fiscal year covered by the EITI in accordance with the template approved by the EITI Board..” This way, even in countries with systematic disclosure of information, data can still be collected and disclosed centrally by the EITI.

In cases where the MSG hired an Independent Administrator to undertake parts of the Reporting process,  the MSG can task them to collect the data through section 5.4 of the Standard Terms of Reference for Independent Administrators: It requires the delivery of “summary data from the EITI Report electronically to the International Secretariat according to the standardised reporting format available from the International Secretariat”.

The template has 5 parts (worksheets):

  • Part 1 covers the basic countries and data characteristics
  • Part 2 (Disclosure checklist) covers contextual and aggregate financial data for EITI Requirements 2-6, and whether the information is systematically disclosed
  • Part 3 (Reporting entities) lists reporting entities (Government agencies, companies and projects) and related information.
  • Part 4 (Government revenues) contains the full government disclosures of extractive sector revenues, according to IMF’s GFS classification.
  • Part 5 (Company data) contains company- and project-level data per revenue stream.

The section in part 4 on the GFS classification of revenue streams has been developed in collaboration with the IMF. For guidance on how to classify revenue streams:

  • Consult the Technical notes, which has been drafted by the IMF in consultation with the EITI Secretariat.
  • Contact the Ministry of Finance in your country; in most cases they already report on revenues using the GFS format.
  • Contact the EITI Secretariat (

 Each data file should be completed in full and submitted to the International EITI Secretariat following the publication of the EITI Report, but it is recommended to use the file for ensuring comprehensive reporting. The data will be used to facilitate data analysis by national secretariats and will populate the global EITI database, available on the international EITI website.

This page includes the most updated template that implementing countries should use. Any further updates to the template will be based on feedback from EITI stakeholders and users of EITI data. We therefore welcome any comments or questions, that can be directed to