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Myanmar is delisted as an EITI country

Board decisions on Myanmar's status.

Decision reference
2024-10 / BM-59
Decision basis
EITI Articles of Association 2023, Article 12

Board decision

The EITI Board concluded that Myanmar be delisted as an EITI implementing country in accordance with Article 8 and Article 9 of the 2023 EITI Standard (EITI Board oversight and EITI implementation) effective 29 February 2024. This decision is made in light of a three-year temporary suspension following breaches of the civil society protocol stemming from political instability and conflict in Myanmar. Since Myanmar's suspension in February 2021, the EITI International Secretariat has monitored the situation and documented a worsening of the conflict during this period. Contrary to the Board-mandated corrective actions, the space for civil society has deteriorated further. Myanmar's EITI multi-stakeholder group (MSG) has been dissolved, and no independently verified information has been published on extractive sector in the last three years, rendering the prospect of resuming implementation remote.

Pursuant to paragraph 3 of Article 9, Myanmar may reapply for admission as an EITI implementing country if conditions improve. The EITI Board will apply the agreed procedures with respect to assessing EITI candidature applications. It will also assess previous experience in EITI implementation, including previous barriers to effective implementation, and the implementation of corrective measures. The Board takes note of the leading role that Myanmar EITI played in improving extractive sector governance in Myanmar prior to the coup, noting in particular the previous MSG’s efforts to improve state-owned enterprise (SOE) transparency and beneficial ownership transparency, and how the EITI provided a platform for civil society to participate in natural resource governance prior to the military takeover in 2021.