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Equatorial Guinea moving towards EITI Validation

5 February 2010

Equatorial Guinea, currently an EITI Candidate country, held the 7th meeting of the EITI National Commission, the EITI multi-stakeholder group in the country, on 30 January. The Commission, chaired by Finance Minister Melchor Esono Edje, took important decisions for the advancement of the implementation process in EG: Hart Nurse Limited was chosen to conduct the EITI Validation, the local communication firm “Media Communications” was selected to ensure the dissemination of the first EITI report. The report is being finalised by Deloitte, who gave the Commission an update of the progress of this reporting phase.

Francisca Tatchouop, Vice Minister of Economy and Commerce, and EITI National Coordinator, highlighted the importance of the active participation of civil society in the work of the Commission and commended the support received from the World Bank and the International EITI Secretariat. The government will discuss a budget appropriation to support civil society activities related to the EITI and encouraged civil society members to strengthen their linkages to international civil society.

Hilda Harnack, from the World Bank, presented the roadmap to Validation. Francisco Paris, from the International Secretariat, gave an overview of the Validation process. The Commission agreed a work schedule for the coming weeks. A draft report from the Validators is expected by the first week of March.

For further information about EITI implementation in Equatorial Guinea, visit the country page on the EITI website, or contact Regional Director Francisco Paris at the EITI International Secretariat.

Equatorial Guinea