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Timor Leste designated EITI Compliant by the EITI Board

1 July 2010

The EITI Board today announced that Timor Leste is EITI Compliant. Timor Leste has completed the validation process in April. The final validation report was approved by the Timor Leste EITI Working Group on 6 April 2010. The EITI Board reviewed the report and today made the following announcement:

The EITI Board designates Timor Leste as EITI compliant as of 1 July 2010. In accordance with the EITI Rules:

  • Timor Leste must be revalidated within 5 years (i.e., by 1 July 2015);
  • Stakeholders in the process may call for a new validation at any time within that period if they think the process needs reviewing; and
  • Where valid concerns exist that a country has become EITI Compliant, but its implementation of the EITI has subsequently fallen below the standard required for Compliance, then the Board reserves the right to require the country to undergo a new validation or face delisting from the EITI.

The Board congratulates the government of Timor Leste for its commitment and leadership. The Board also congratulates the Timor Leste multi-stakeholder working group for its strong collaboration and effective oversight of the EITI implementation process.

The Board calls on the government and multi-stakeholder working group to ensure that the validator’s recommendations are implemented in full, and tasks the International EITI Secretariat with providing regular progress reports to the EITI Board.

For more information about EITI implementation and validation in Timor Leste contact Regional Director Sam Bartlett.