An update on EITI's strategy review

As many of you know, the EITI Board last year launched a review of the future of the EITI, with the aim of building on the foundations that have been laid down and strengthening its effectiveness.

Following discussions at the Board's meetings in October and February, the EITI Strategy Working Group met in early April, to continue the work. We achieved significant progress in agreeing on strategic options to improve the EITI. The group considered a wide range of topics and a number of background papers, which are available for all to read on the Strategy Review page.

There was agreement on a number of proposals that will strengthen the EITI standard and on ways to encourage progress beyond the minimum requirements.

I also welcome the emerging consensus that our current quality assurance system (EITI Validation) needs to evolve: we need to give greater recognition to countries that exceed the minimum requirements and encourage entrenching EITI in national systems. We look forward to discussing these options further during the next meeting of the Board, in Lima in June.

The Board is giving high priority to engaging all of our stakeholders in this review, and is seeking your input to the shaping of an improved EITI. All documents and written contributions so far are available online. On behalf of the Board, I invite you to read them and submit your views, either by clicking "ADD NEW COMMENT" below, or should you prefer, by sending your comments to

The EITI was established to use transparency to encourage better accountability of natural resource revenues so that they bring real benefits to the people of the country and particularly to the poor. The Strategy Review is a very important opportunity to shape the EITI to more effectively deliver on its principles. We hope you will help us achieve this.