Validation and beyond

Anthony Richter, member of the EITI Board and blogger, reflects in this blog post on what will happen beyond Validation and on the potential of EITI to create broader change. His reflections follows from hearing World Bank Vice President Oby Ezekwesili's address to the EITI Board meeting in Washington. Anthony writes:

Oby sees EITI as potentially transformative, a trigger for change, and validation being a point to take the measure of what will have been achieved, by that measure of progress. EITI should be a way of showing how the private sector will have become an engine for change, how the private sector privileges quality environments where transparency provides a more stable attractive climate attracting foreign investment. For citizens EITI will show that opacity undermines the management and governance of the sectors that dominate their lives, and that they deserve and will get a different approach from their leaders and will have created the ability to put the politicians' old behavior on the table.

This blog post and other interesting reflections are available on Anthony Richter's blog, which he updated several times during the EITI week in Washington.