Argentina EITI
Published Date: 
January, 2019

Argentina EITI candidature application

The Argentina's candidature application was received by the EITI Secretariat on 17th of January 2019. The Argentina's candidature application form together with supporting documentation were approved by the MSG on 21 December 2018.

Argentina is the third largest economy in Latin America, with a GDP of USD 637.6 billion in 2017.[1] Its GDP per capita during that same year was USD 14 460, the second highest among Latin American countries.

After years of economic isolation, in 2015 Argentina elected new government authorities that launched a series of reforms aimed at bringing back the country to the global economic agenda. Aligned to this objective, Argentina chaired the G20 and hosted the G20 summit in 2018. Additionally, authorities have stated that extractive industries, specifically hydrocarbons and mining, would play a pivotal role in sustainable economic growth.

Oil and gas related activities accounted for 3% of the country’s GDP during 2017.[2] Over the past few years, Argentina has become the third most advanced country for unconventional oil and gas projects development, behind the United States and Canada. Argentina ranks, including Vaca Muerta basin, as the second country with largest shale gas resources (801.5 trillion cubic feet) and the fourth in unconventional oil resources (27 billion barrels).[3] The development of these resources, of which Vaca Muerta basin in the West is the largest, will need large and continued investments in the coming decade. This development represents a challenge and requires strong institutions and transparency.

Mining industry in Argentina is still at an early stage of development, although there is proven large potential in different provinces for mining projects of world-class magnitude. In accordance with official data recently published by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC),[4] mining related activities accounted for 1% of the country’s GDP during 2017. At the same time, social and political conflict around metallic large-scale mining has resulted in several provinces banning certain mining techniques.

Below you can find the following documents:

  • Argentina EITI Candidature Application Form
  • Cover letter by the Secretary of Energy Planning and the Secretary of Mining Policy
  • Statement of the EITI Argentina Principles
  • Terms of reference of the EITI Argentina multi-stakeholder group
  • EITI Argentina' Work plan
  • Beneficial Ownership Roadmap
  • Minutes from Meetings prior to the EITI Argentina multi-stakeholder group conformation

For additional publicly available information, please refer to the Argentinian government website, here