CAC 75
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Published Date: 
August, 2012

Validation Report for Guinea

This is the report of the 2012 Validation of the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) in Guinea This EITI Validation was undertaken by CAC 75.

On 9 June 2011, the EITI International Board extended Guinea's Validation deadline by 6 months (until 31 August 2012), to allow Guinea to bring its EITI reporting in line with the 2011 edition of the EITI Rules. Validation was conducted in accordance with the 2011 edition of the EITI Rules.

Guinea was accepted as an EITI Candidate country on 27 September 2007. The country voluntarily suspended its EITI Candidate status, with board approval, starting from 19 December 2009, following a difficult political situation in the country. The Prime Minister of the previous government wrote on 11 November 2010 and requested the EITI Board to lift the suspension. The Minister of Mines of the democratically elected government confirmed this request on 7 February 2011. Guinea’s suspension was lifted and its candidate status reinstated by the Board on 1 March 2011.