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Mining and metals companies

Auxico Resources Canada Inc.

Auxico is engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral properties, specifically sourcing of critical minerals such as tantalum, niobium, tin and rare earths.

Auxico continually works to ensure its mineral operations are ethically sourced and with full traceability. In the DRC, extensive protocols have been put in place by local management to ensure the material collected conforms to international ethical standards, non-conflict, and without harmful impact on the environment. Auxico’s Colombian asset is being evaluated by the environmental agency to ensure that operations in that jurisdiction also are in line with environmental, social and community standards.

Statement of support

Strengthening transparency

Auxico conforms to international guidelines, regulations and taxation requirements across its various subsidiaries and remains a corporation in good standing per Canadian and international requirements. Auxico employs recognised accounting firms for auditing purposes and is a publicly listed corporation, therefore all contractual engagements are duly registered and transparent for public access, and accessible on Auxico’s website. As an EITI supporting company Auxico supports the implementation of the EITI Standard in countries where it operates.

Company assessment

Download the results of the 2023 assessment of company progress in meeting the Expectations for EITI supporting companies.

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