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Zambia's second EITI Report shows high growth in its mining sector

Zambia published today, 30 March, its 2009 EITI Report in Lusaka, disclosing the payments from mining companies to the government in 2009. The government received more than US$500 million from the mining sector

The figures in the report are broken down by the 28 companies that have reported payments. The reported revenue is up almost 50% from the 2008 report, when 16 companies reported their payments. This growth is markedly higher than 6% growth in Zambia's overall economy, but much of it is due to the inclusion of Pay As You Earn figures for the first time in the 2009 report. Copper output has contributed to much of this increase, due to higher copper prices and foreign investment. The report also covered US$32,000 of corporate social responsibility payments from companies.

The report itself represents a major step forward from the first report published one year ago. Zambia EITI will now invite citizens throughout the country to local meetings about the findings of this EITI Report to encourage public debate of the figures.

On launching the report, Zambia's Minister of Mines, Christopher Yaluma said "I urge the media, the public and civil society organizations to analyze the 2009 Report and make comments and recommendations on how the implementation of EITI in Zambia can help improve transparency and accountability in the use of revenue from our natural resources in order to promote economic growth and development."

The EITI Report itself can be found on the website of the Zambian EITI:

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