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EITI Board adopted the revisions to the EITI’s key performance indicators (KPIs).

Decision on the EITI's key performance indicators

Decision reference
2018-30 / BM-40
Decision basis
EITI Articles of Association 2016-2019, Article 12

EITI Board adopted the indicators as listed in Tables 1-5 for measuring the results of the EITI Management and Secretariat. 

First, that the secretariat effectiveness KPIs are revised to better distinguish between efforts and effectiveness of the EITI (i.e. inputs and activities) and the immediate results of these efforts (i.e. outputs). 

Second, that Validation findings are used as indicators for measuring outcomes of EITI implementation. The new outcome indicators, based on Validation results, are all necessary to properly influence (i) national governance of natural resource wealth, (ii) investment and business climates, and (iii) sustainable economic growth and development; all of which are the broadly stated objectives from the EITI Principles. The proposal also contains changes to the big picture indicators. This proposal is based on the suggestion that the EITI Standard is the best way we have to capture the EITI’s international outcomes as a national-level theory of change. 

Last, that a large number of indicators are maintained. The reduction in indicators from 93 to 89 is only slight but due to greater data availability and the quality of the information, the data will be significantly easier to collect, monitor and analyse.