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EITI 2023-2026 Outreach Strategy

Objectives, criteria and strategic approaches guiding the EITI's outreach priorities

The EITI's 2023-2026 outreach strategy was agreed by the EITI Board in November 2023. 

This document proposes the objectives of the strategy, as well as the criteria and strategic approaches that the EITI should use to guide its outreach priorities. In light of these, the strategy proposes outreach priorities for the EITI, including a ramping up of our engagement with state-owned enterprises, financial institutions and southern-based multi-national corporations, as well as the corresponding resource implications. A brief background section outlines the EITI’s outreach efforts to date and other considerations. Finally, a section on data sources provides a current overview of EITI coverage in resource-dependent and resource-rich countries and information about the geographic distribution and production of energy transition minerals.