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The EITI Standard 2016

EITI International Secretariat

This document has been replaced by the EITI Standard 2019.

The EITI Standard 2016 was launched at the 2016 EITI Global Conference. It included new provisions and encouraged countries to build on their existing reporting systems and practices for EITI data collection. It also sought to bring greater transparency and accountability to all aspects of natural resource management, including tax transparency, commodity trading, beneficial ownership and licensing.

A revised Validation system in 2016 aimed to better recognise efforts to exceed the EITI Requirements and set out fairer consequences for EITI countries that had not yet achieved compliance.

The EITI Standard 2016 encouraged countries to disclose data in open format to enable better access, usability and analysis of EITI disclosures. It also encouraged the systematic disclosure of data, drawing on existing online sources rather than developing separate systems for data collection.