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Validation Report for Azerbaijan (2015)

RCS Global
April 2015

This is the report of the 2015 Validation of the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) in Azerbaijan.

As laid out in the EITI 2013 Standard Validation Guide and based on the Validator Terms of Reference, this report reviews the seven EITI Requirements. Where provisions are expected, Validator has provided an assessment of either “met” or “unmet”, with the latter divided into two sub-assessments: “meaningful progress” – meaning that there has been some progress in EITI implementation, but further action required for the requirement to be considered met and “limited progress”, meaning that there is little evidence of progress toward compliance and considerable additional actions are needed for the requirement to be considered met. Where provisions are recommended or encouraged but not required items, the Validator has provided commentary, but not considered them as part of the overall compliance status.