Opening Up Ownership: Africa

Harnessing the potential of the extractive sector

Africa EITI Conference on Beneficial Ownership Transparency  

Knowing who owns the companies that operate in the oil, gas and mining sectors is key to strengthening natural resource governance. It has also proven to be important to improve the investment climate and promote responsible business conduct. Through the EITI and other global and regional efforts to tackle the challenges posed by hidden ownership, African countries are taking the lead in improving beneficial ownership transparency in extractives. The conference will engage various stakeholders from government, civil society and companies to seek a way forward on Beneficial Ownership in Africa.

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General Information and Conference Logistics

The event will be held at King Fahd Conference Centre. General information and conference logistics can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Day 1 – Wednesday 31 October


Arrival and registration


Opening panel discussion: Beneficial ownership and mobilizing domestic resources from the extractive industries


Chaired by: Eddie Rich, Acting Executive Director of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)


  • Ken Ofori-Atta, Minister of Finance, Ghana (tbc)
  • Louis Paul Motaze, Minister of Finance, Cameroon (tbc)
  • Amadou Ba, Minister of Finance, Senegal (tbc)
  • Modeste Bahati Lukwebo, Minister of Planning, Democratic Republic of Congo (tbc)
  • Abdoulaye Magassouba, Minister of Mines and Geology, Guinea
  • Leopold Mboli Fatrane, Minister of Mines, CAR
  • Monica Bhatia, Head of the Global Forum Secretariat
  • Robert Ssuuna, Policy Lead Tax and the International Financial Architecture, Tax Justice Network Africa
  • Simone Niven, Group Executive, Corporate Relations, Rio Tinto (tbc)



Break and press conference


Official opening: Opening up ownership in oil, gas and minerals


Keynote speakers:

  • HE Fredrik Reinfeldt, EITI Chair
  • Célestin Monga, Vice President and Chief Economist of the African Development Bank Group
  • Vera Songwe, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
  • Abdallah Boureima, President of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) Commission

Official opening address by HE Macky Sall, President of the Republic of Senegal


Reception hosted by the Government of Senegal

(Poolside – King Fahd Hotel)


Day 2 – Thursday 1 November


Arrival and registration




Plenary session: Emerging practices of beneficial ownership transparency in EITI countries


Facilitated by: Bady Balde, EITI Africa Director

  • Professor Ismaïla Fall, Minister of Justice, Senegal (tbc)
  • Mohammed Amin Adam, Deputy Minister of Energy, Ghana (tbc)
  • Garba Abubakar, Special Adviser to the Registrar-General, Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria
  • Matthew Ray, Deputy Director, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom (BEIS)
  • Franck Nzira, Technical Director, Democratic Republic of Congo EITI

Discussion and Q&A


























Parallel sessions

Session 1: Improving revenue mobilisation with ownership data

(Room:  B01)

Facilitated by: Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes


  • Abu Bockarie, Tarawalie, Director for the National Revenue Authority, Sierra Leone
  • Palakassi Pignan Gnansa, Cabinet Procedures Agent, Tax Commission, Togo
  • Mu'Azu Umaru, Director of Research and Planning, Intergovernmental Action Group Against Money Laundering in West Africa (GIABA)

Session 2: Reduce risks in extractives licensing

(Room:  C01)

Facilitated by: Cari Votava, Senior Financial Sector Specialist and co-author of the Manual on Integrity Due Diligence for Licensing in Extractive Sectors, World Bank


  • Prince Benjamin Aboagye, Ag. Deputy CEO of Ghana’s Petroleum Commission
  • Sahr Wonday, Director, National Minerals Agency, Sierra Leone (tbc)
  • Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, Ag. Executive Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Nigeria (tbc)
  • Dona Kampata, Coordinator, Ministry of Mines, Democratic Republic of Congo (tbc)
  • Negbalee Warner, Co-Chair of Liberia’s Special Review Committee on licenses, Liberia

Marie Lintzer, Senior Governance Officer, Natural Resource Governance Institute





Parallel sessions

Session 3: Legal approaches to ownership transparency

(Room:  B01)

Facilitated by: Stephen Karangizi, Director and Chief Executive Officer, African Legal Support Facility

Suggested speakers:

  • Domtie Sarpong, Principal State Attorney, Registrar-General’s Department, Ghana
  • Luse Kalonga, Manager - Compliance & Awareness, Patents and Companies Registration Agency, Zambia
  • Nkongo Budina, Senator, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Alexis Ndzuenkeu, Head of the Legal Affairs and Communication Department, Organisation for the Harmonization of Corporate Law in Africa (OHADA)

Session 4: Making the ownership register public

(Room:  C01)

Facilitated by: Jack Lord, Data and Policy Analyst, Open Data Standard Cooperative


  • Alhaji Garba Abubakar, Special Adviser to the Registrar General, Nigeria
  • Shadrick Sikaonga, Senior Officer, Mining Cadastre, Zambia
  • Macoumba Niang, Administrator, Commerce Register, Senegal
  • Matthew Ray, Deputy Director, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom (BEIS)
  • Jean-Luc Blakey, Senior Campaigner - Democratic Republic of Congo, Global Witness




Parallel sessions

Session 5: Getting accurate ownership data

(Room:  B01)

Facilitated by: Mu'Azu Umaru, Director of Research and Planning, Intergovernmental Action Group Against Money Laundering in West Africa (GIABA)


  • Keto Kayemba, Assistant Auditor General of the Supreme Audit Institution, Uganda
  • Oleksiy Orlovsky, International Renaissance Foundation, Ukraine
  • Yann Desclercs, Cornerstone advisory, Senegal
  • Marie-Desiree Billey, Research and Development, Thomson Reuters (tbc)
  • Representative from Integrity and Anti-Corruption, African Development Bank (tbc)
  • OECD

Session 6: Identifying Politically Exposed Persons and potential conflict of interest

(Room: TBC)

Facilitated by: Jean Pierre Okenda- DRC Country Manager, Natural Resource Governance Institute


  • Cari Votava, Senior Financial Sector Specialist and co-author of the Manual on Integrity Due Diligence for Licensing in Extractive Sectors, World Bank
  • Mohamed Aly Thiam, Advisor, Ministry of Justice, Guinea (tbc)
  • Franck Nzira, Technical Director, Democratic Republic of Congo EITI
  • Jean Junior Aime, Association of Certified Compliance Professionals in Africa
  • Cheikh Tidiane Mara, Vice President, National Office against Fraud and Corruption, Senegal (tbc)





Day 3 – Friday 2 November




Arrival and registration



















Beneficial ownership technical advice clinic

(Room:  BC12)

Participants who would like to discuss any of the themes of the sessions from the first two days of the conference are invited to approach the speakers and contributors from the sessions. Experts and practitioners will be available to answer questions related to beneficial ownership transparency on topics including:

  • How to draft legislation and develop a regulatory framework for beneficial ownership disclosure: Africa Legal Support Facility and EITI
  • Due diligence in licensing and collecting ownership data through the licensing process: Natural Resource Governance Institute, OECD and World Bank
  • Linking beneficial ownership transparency to anti-money laundering efforts: GIABA and ESAAMLG
  • How to go about with establishing an open beneficial ownership company register: Open Data Standard Cooperative and United Kingdom

Parallel sessions

Session 7: Using EITI to move from commitments to action: Experiences from EITI countries

(Room:  B01)

Facilitated by: Papa Alioune Badara Paye, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Senegal EITI

  • George Harawa, National Coordinator, Malawi EITI
  • Bash Abdul-Razak, National Coordinator, Ghana EITI
  • Ian Mwiinga, Communications Officer, Zambia EITI
  • Franck Nzira, Technical Director, Democratic Republic of Congo EITI

Session 8: Working with civil society to achieve ownership transparency

(Room: C01)

Facilitated by: Theo Chiviru and Maureen Kariuki, Regional Coordinators, Open Government Partnership


  • Juliet Ibekaku, Special Advisor to the Minister and OGP point of contact, Nigeria (tbc)
  • Simon Clydesdale, Campaign Leader, Oil, Gas and Mining, Global Witness (tbc)
  • Abdoul Aziz Diop, Coordinator, Publish What You Pay Senegal (tbc)






Closing plenary – road to 2020


Facilitated by: Government of Senegal and EITI International Secretariat