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EITI country report

Afghanistan 2012-2013 EITI Report

Afghanistan EITI

This is the Fourth Afghanistan EITI Report, which covers the two fiscal periods 1391 (21st March - 20th December 2012) and 1392 (21st December 2012 – 20th December 2013). See PDF attached below.

Afghanistan EITI (AEITI) have also produced an infographic version of this report, see attached below.

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The report contains:

  • Report of the Independent Administrator to the AEITI MSG
  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • The Extractive Industries in Afghanistan
  • Overview of Flows Reported and Reporting Entities  Approach, Methodology and Work Done
  • Results of the Reconciliation
  • Other information

- Production Declared by Reporting Entities
- Social Expenditures and Infrastructure Provisions - Transportation Tariffs
- Beneficial Ownership
- State Owned Enterprises

  • Recommendations
  • Appendices

Full details of amounts reported initially, adjustments made and the reconciled flows analysed by type of financial / in kind flow are reported together with other supporting information in the appendices.