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Open data

EITI Data strategy 2023-2029

Catalysing extractives data generation, access and use through EITI implementation

The EITI’s data strategy aims to support a digital transformation by catalysing data generation, access and use.

The EITI aims to translate transparency into accountability in the governance of the energy and extractive industries through the disclosure, accessibility and use of data. Data accessibility and use is a global priority for the EITI which enables the organisation to progress its mission and mandate. 

By prioritising timely, usable and accessible data, EITI multi-stakeholder groups can play a key role in informing decision-making, fostering independent analysis and promoting public debate on natural resource governance. 

The EITI’s data strategy aims to support these critical functions through a digital transformation which places open data at the centre of the EITI process at the national and international levels. 

The strategy has three main objectives: 

  • Data use: Catalyse the regular use of EITI data by key audiences including multi-stakeholder groups for their strategic activities, aligned with the EITI’s strategic priorities. 
  • Data access: Improve the quality and public availability of structured open data that meets key audiences’ needs and access preferences. 
  • Data generation: Support the transition to timely systematic disclosure of information required by the EITI in policy and practice, aligned with national priorities and reducing the need for standalone EITI data collection. 

The strategy was informed by extensive feedback from data users and EITI stakeholders spanning development partners and donors, government, companies and financial institutions, civil society organisations, media and academia. It aims to address the data needs of key audiences and support the achievement of the EITI’s strategic priorities globally.